An introduction to me and my new role

I am part of one of the coolest teams at Microsoft. In my new role as Senior Solution Advisor I get to hang out with some really great people both here in Toronto as well as across the country.   My role is to connect with decision makers in development teams all across Canada to understand their challenges and to share their successes and stories of solutions built on the Microsoft platform.  My focus is everything from traditional client development, through mobile, web, and onto the cloud.

If you manage a development team in Canada and want to get more connected to Microsoft please connect with me (download my vcard) as I’m excited to hear what you are building, how you are deploying, and the challenges you face.  My Calendar is pretty up-to-date and is posted at (download ics file). Continue reading “An introduction to me and my new role” goes IPv6

UPDATE: As I have changed hosting providers, the following information no longer applies, however, is left as a reference for others who may be trying to get IPv6 up and running.

A couple of months ago I got IPv6 up and running at home,  now that I have that working, the next logical step was to setup a server that I could connect to using IPv6.  Over the last few weeks I have been working on getting to not only speak IPv4 but also be accessible over IPv6.  The good news is that this is now working and you can access this site over IPv6.  If you are experimenting with IPv6, you should automatically connect over IPv6 as there are both A and AAAA records setup for that server.  However, if you have IPv6 setup but name resolution isn’t working you may want to try accessing the site via the following http://[2001:470:1f04:39a::2] (depending on your operating system, this may or may not work).  You should notice down at the bottom of the page (under the community server logo) is the IP address you are connecting from.  If you are hitting the server over IPv6, you should see your IPv6 address down there, if not, you will see your traditional IPv4 address. Continue reading “ goes IPv6”

Sharing information visually

Barnaby Jeans Contact Info Tag (vCard)
I have just found a very cool new application on the Microsoft site called Microsoft Tags (  Basically what this does is allow you to encode either a vCard, a URL, or a phone number into a 2D image that can then be read and decoded with a camera phone.

If you visit from your mobile phone (including Blackberry and Android) you’ll be able to download the reader that will decode this file and provide you with my vCard.  For iPhone users you can visit the App Store and download Tag Reader.

If you want my work contact info, all you need to do is scan.  I may just have to include one of these on my next business cards.


Getting Ready for TechDays

With two weeks to go until we kick off TechDays in Toronto, the team is doing the final preparations to deliver an amazing experience to everyone who attends.

One of the things that I’ll be taking care of during the events is photography.  I’ve already got the Nikon D200 and D300 ready to go, and with any luck I’ll have Nikon D90 in time for the conference as well.  The guys at Nikon are absolutely amazing and make sure that my team have access to the latest gear to capture and share the experience at the event for those of you who aren’t able to attend.   Of course I’ll be posting the photos to my flickr page as well as to the TechDays group on flickr.  I’ll also be tagging everything with TechDays_CA. Continue reading “Getting Ready for TechDays”

Are you a tagging Hero?


One of the things that is keeping me busy right now is the upcoming Heroes Happen {Here} launch wave that kicks off in Toronto on February 27th at the Direct Energy Centre.

My team and I are heads down putting the finishing touches on both the Community Connection Events and the main Launch and Technical Readiness events.

However, as these events are for you, the audience, we wanted to provide a consistent way for you to participate and share your thoughts and experiences.  If you are planning on blogging about the events, if you are taking photos, or if you are uploading videos to YouTube or SoapBox, there is one standard tag that we are using to aggregate all this content: HHH_CA.  We will be launching a community site in the next few days that will aggregate anything we can find that is tagged with HHH_CA.  Additionally, our PR team has already launched their online digital newsroom for these events at and they will also be on the lookout for content tagged with HHH_CA to include on their site.

Having said all of that, here are some of the places you can either contribute content or find out more about the events:

Flickr photo pool:
Toronto Event on Facebook:
Digital Newsroom:

Team (member) blogs:
Community Connection Events – diamond in the rough
Heroes Happen Here, eh- What's going on up north for Launch 2008 Activities

edit: updated Heroes Happen {Here} URL to

[Video] CP24 Popfly interviews posted

Over the last few months I have had the chance to visit the good folks at CP24 and appear on their Homepage show to talk about Microsoft Popfly.

For the first show I talked with host Ann Rohmer about Popfly and what you could do with it.

Barnaby Jeans on CP24 Homepage talking about Popfly
Barnaby Jeans on CP24 Homepage talking about Popfly

For the second interview I showed host Jee-Yun Lee how you can embed your Popfly creations into your Facebook profile.

Barnaby Jeans on CP24 Homepage (again) talking about Popfly and Facebook
Barnaby Jeans on CP24 Homepage (again) talking about Popfly and Facebook

Feel free to ping me if you have any questions, and don't forget to try this stuff out.  It really is easy to use.

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[cross post] Walking for a cure

2007 Weekend to End Breast Cancer - Toronto - Day One (95)One of the great perks of working at Microsoft Canada is the ability to take paid days off to volunteer in the community.  For the past four years I have been actively involved with the Weekend to End Breast Cancer ( events all across Canada.  This year, due to family circumstances, I was not able to commit to the entire weekend, but instead spend Friday and Saturday photographing various aspects of the event.

This year's event had over 5,500 walkers and raised $17.3 million (CAD) in support of breast cancer research.  For those of you not familiar with this fund raising event, they are held across Canada and consist of a two day, 60 kilometer walk including camping overnight.

Microsoft has participated in this event in the past, both with a team walking the event in 2006 as well as donating copies of Streets & Trips to aid in the route planning.

The full photo set is posted on my flickr site at:

If you are a charity or non-profit organization and are looking for Microsoft Software Donations, take a look at

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[Cross Post] Microsoft Vista: What’s in it for Photographers?

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I just came across the following article on that talks about some of the features in Vista that are most relevant for Photographers. 

Without reprinting the entire article they outline 4 key areas:

  1. Windows Photo Gallery
  2. RAW support
  3. Media Center
  4. Forward-Looking Approach

If you are a photographer and wondering about Vista, I encourage you to read the article and let me know if you have any questions.  Additionally, you may want to take a look at the Microsoft PhotoBlog at and specifically their FAQ at which address some of the common questions.

Energize IT Wrap Up

Rodney has posted a quick summary of EnergizeIT over on the Canadian IT Pro blog.   There are some really cool stats including the $3,300+ that was raised for charity.

If you didn't have a chance to get out to EnergizeIT, you can still access the slide decks from, additionally, we will be posting the recordings from the keynote and some of the sessions in the next few weeks at


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