Thank you for your support to Conquer Cancer

This weekend is the weekend that I have been training for for a very long time. Tomorrow I’ll be starting my 200km ride from Toronto to Niagara Falls.

Over the past few months the outpouring of support from friends, family, and colleagues has been amazing. I have reached both my personal fundraising goal, and am part of a fabulous team that has collectively raised over $275,000 for Cancer research.

Tomorrow as I set out on the ride I’m hoping to provide both real time view of where I am (visit as well as update twitter ( and foursquare as I make my way along the route.

If you want to follow my progress, either visit or  ( or from your mobile device – )

Thanks again for all your support and I’ll see you on the route!

I need your help…to conquer cancer

In a little over a month I’ll be hitting the road for a two day epic adventure cycling 200km from Toronto to Niagara Falls to help raise funds for cancer research.

As you may have read in my previous post, I have been involved in cancer fundraising for many years, however, just over a year ago I was shocked at the rapid pace that cancer took the life of my mother-in-law and decided that I needed to do more to help find an end to  cancer.

I have committed to raise at least $2,500 before the ride, and with just over a month to go I still need to raise $1,000.  To put this into perspective, I have over 800 followers on twitter, 500+ connections on LinkedIn, and over 350 friends on Facebook.  Assuming that there is some overlap, if each of you only donates $20 we would blow away the fundraising goal and together we would add a significant amount of funding to cancer research.

Any amount will help me achieve my fundraising goals and move us one step closer to conquering cancer and for any donations of $20 or more you will also receive a tax receipt.  Please take 5 minutes right now to donate by visiting

Donate to my ride to conquer cancer (this graphic is updated in real-time so as you donate the amount raised will increase)

If you want to keep an eye on my training you can check out and if you ever want to get together to go for a ride send me an email at

Support my Ride to Conquer Cancer

Ride to Conquer Cancer logoIf you are reading this blog post then chances are we have met at some point in the past. You’re either a friend, family member, colleague, classmate, business acquaintance, or someone I have met as I have travelled across Canada and around the world.

As you may or may not know, my wife (Michelle) and I have been involved with fundraising events for cancer research since 2003 when Michelle’s aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer and the weekend to end cancer walk first came to Toronto.

Since that time we have either walked or crewed in 7 more events in Toronto, Calgary, Winnipeg, Ottawa, and London (UK).

We have been away from these events for the past few years while raising our family, however, in January 2009 Michelle’s mom was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of lung cancer, and within 3 weeks of the diagnosis, had passed away. You can read the full story at The speed and aggressiveness of cancer made us realize we needed to get back into fundraising to fight cancer and in June 2010, I’ll be on the bike to ride the 200km from Toronto to Niagara Falls. It will be a challenge in a number of ways, but with my bike, my helmet, and your generosity, I know we can make an impact.

Please contribute to this history-making event with a donation. Funds raised in The Ride to Conquer Cancer will support breakthrough research, exemplary teaching, and compassionate care at The Princess Margaret, one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world.

To give you a sense of perspective, according to the National Cancer Institute of Canada, over 153,100 new cases of cancer and 70,400 deaths from cancer were estimated to occur in 2006. Men outnumber women for new cases by 5% and mortality by 11%. That's why I'm riding. To do something BIG about cancer. I hope that you'll share this incredible adventure with me by supporting me in my fundraising efforts.

To donate, please visit

Thank you in advance for your support.


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Sears National Kids Cancer Ride

One of the things I love about working for Microsoft (and I think I have mentioned before) is the fact that I get to take days off to volunteer my time in the community.  Today was one of those days.

Today I spent the day volunteering with the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride (SNKCR) during their stop in Toronto.  It's a ride from coast to coast to raise money to help children live with and beyond cancer.  My portion of the day was spent at Trinity Square as well as Sick Kids Hospital for various parts of the event.

Not only did I have the chance to photograph all the cyclists that have been riding from Vancouver, but also the local riders who are riding on this stage of the route.

At Sick Kids there were speeches from Dr. Blanchette from Sick Kids as well as the President of Sears Canada.  While down at Trinity Square there were speeches from Toronto Mayor David Miller as well as the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, David Onley.  I have met David Onley a couple of times in the past during his time at CP24, so it was a pleasure to say hello to him again today.

I'll be posting all my photos to flickr over the next few days, so keep checking the following address: